Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Unobtrusive accessories that play vital role in our life.

Used but hidden in umbrella poles, product support stands in shops, some of these locking pins better known as quick release pins play vital in our day to day life. However, they are not seen openly in the devices where they are engages. 

Quick release pins are mostly made of stainless steel and brass. Sometimes, aluminum is used in handles alone. When I first read about this important industrial accessory, I thought ‘quick release’ is a misnomer as its main function is to lock something. 

Of course with just a mild push on the button handle, the lock is released and that is why it is called as ‘quick release’ pin. The most widely used variety of quick release pin is ‘ball lock’ pin that is used in any device with a sliding operation.

I thought I would pass on a new knowledge so that it might come in handy on a difficult day.

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