Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Who are you following in the political world.

I am not an ardent follower of any political party nor have I ever liked a politician for his personal and political qualities barring a few that include Kamaraj, Rajaji and Annadurai.

Of late, I opened up my ears to the opinions of my friends and relatives. There seems to be an unainymous view that the nation has enough of Congress. BJP should take over from Congress and Modi is gunned to be the next PM.

I have just following the tweets of two Delhi based BJP spokeswoman.
1. Niramala Sitaraman (https://twitter.com/nsitharaman) BJP National Spokesperson
2. Meenakashi Lekhi (https://twitter.com/M_Lekhi) Advocate, Social Activist, BJP National Spokesperson

Of the above two, the former seems to be fairly active in Twitter whereas the latter has ignored the power of social media for politicians.

I should find more Delhi based BJP journalists and spokespersons who take social media seriously to let the nation know of their of daily political activities.

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