Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Interesting range of equestrian gears.

I was speechless to the question raised by a nine year old girl who accompanied for a horse racing event last Sunday. Looking at the long boot better known as half chaps worn by the jockey, she asked how such footwear are measured. Oh, let me put it this way: “What are the sizes of half chaps”. Both the foot size and the calf size have to be taken into consideration.

I admitted I don’t know but looked up in the Internet for an answer. I learnt that the measurement is taken from the ankle and up towards the upper part of the calf. Very interesting!

In addition, I learnt that these protective riding gears did not evolve much over the years except that they are now fastened with Velcro strap replacing the zip that men manipulated with certain flair. Oh yes, we all have seen it in cowboy movies in the early sixties.

I expected them to be expensive but it is not so. Most of the leading brands such as Turf Rider and Ovation cost more or less the same.

Equestrian is an interesting and exciting sport.

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