Thursday, August 02, 2012

Amethyst aids sleep.

No, I have no personal experience as I sleep very well without any external assistance. My husband knows how many times he puts off the alarm set by me.

Recently, a passionate gemologist told me that natural amethyst would make anyone sleep well. Amethyst is not expensive you know. You can buy them in jewel shops and crystal shops or even online.
Untreated, natural amethyst

Here is the fact that gets interesting and exotic too!
Apart from Amethyst, you need:
Lavender oil
Orange essential oil
Spring water
Spray bottle

It gets weirder here:
You must immerse the amethyst in spring water for one full day. After 24 hours, remove the crystal from the water and measure exactly one house of the water treated with amethyst and pour it in the spray bottle.

Add 8 drops of lavender essential oil and 3 drops of orange oil. Shake the bottle well and spray your pillow with the solution before going to bed. 

Additionally, spray the mist in front of you, too, and walk into it.

Don’t you trust me?
Read the original version here that inspired me to write with a bit of humor.
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