Monday, August 20, 2012

Download your audio-books player now!

Most of us listen to audiobooks online but not all of us know about audio-books player that can be downloaded to our PC and make use of it. Among its several uses, you would like the bookmarking facility more than anything else.

Similar to bookmarks we use while reading books, Ambling Book Player offers bookmarking options for you to get back to your previous listening position. Not one but you can bookmark hundreds of listening positions, most convenient for voracious readers who start listening to various audio books.

In addition, when you download free audio books or buy audio books at discount prices, you can neatly organize and catalogue then for quick retrieval. There are more advantages of using Ambling audio book player instead using MP3 player to read audio books.

Guide to make money online using social media.

Being a problogger, I searched for an audio book that would turn out to be a guide to make money online using social media. I found one titled, “Get Rich Quick” authored by Marc Ostrofsky, well known as a domain name investor.

Want to listen to a sample of what he says?

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