Friday, May 04, 2007

TV on the web.

I am the last person to watch TV on the web as I rarely watch it on the television set that is occupying huge space in my reception.

Well, what a nuisance it is with constant cacophony and stupid advertisements!

I am inspired to write about 'Joost', a service that allows you to watch TV on the web when I read about in Vinay's space.

Vinay chooses interesting subjects about internet and web tools apart from his love for Dubai.

Ok, ok, let me come back to Joost that is creating plenty of buzz and even Mashable wrote about it a couple of times already.

I heard that you require an invitation from an existing 'Jooster'(?) to sign up and download their software.

Restricted bandwith users! Be ware of Joost's high consumption of your internet usage. If you have unlimited usage only, you should opt for Joost.

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