Friday, May 04, 2007

No printer to print your digital photos?

After buying a costly, hitech digital camera, I went on a clicking spree during friend's daughter wedding in March.

But to print them all, I faced a hurdle. The reliable HP printer refused to co-operate with me. Of late, it hates me I suppose in spite of me doing a few poojas for it.(smile). I think by this time, it knows my intention of the poojas and started scorning me for that!

What to do, those are the whims and fancies of electronic machines that we have to put up with.
A friend of mine came to my rescue by suggesting that I approach an online printing service named Snap Fish.

Incidentally is a HP portal with more than 26 million members and one billion unique photos stored online. With snapfish, we can share, print and store our photo memories at the lowest prices - online or off.

"Snapfish offers professionally-developed digital camera prints as low as 10¢, film developing for just $2.99 per roll, free online photo sharing, unlimited online photo storage, free editing tools and software, wireless imaging services, and more than 80 personalized photo products, ranging from calendars, mugs and mouse pads, to boxer shorts, dog leashes and teddy bears."

Go ahead and become an affiliate of Snap Fish and earn some free prints!

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