Friday, May 04, 2007

Campus hangover in cyberspace.

The Indian colleges campus enters cyberspace. The most welcome change for students of India is the launching of a social networking website exclusively for students of India.

The person behind this is none other than Kavita Iyer, an ex-yahoo employee. She has teamed up with Sanjay Aggarwal and Sushma Abburi and all the three are alumni of IIT, New Delhi.

Aptly named Mingle Box, it has already captured the attention big media and several have reported about this mega website and I came to know that advertisers are clamoring for the best ad spots on this website.

The Web 2.0 and wiki are a great combination where you and I can create content, share audio, video and what not with just a few clicks. Social networking is the life of the day without which, the entire population of internet will go crazy it seems.

I saw students of several colleges and Universities have already started their online communities in Mingle Box.

This is going to be very huge folks, so huge that it may soon overshadow even 'Facebook and HI5'. My grandson, who is now spending most of his vacation on Mingle Box is studying in one of the famous colleges in Madras.

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