Friday, June 09, 2017

Pink Guitar-an ideal gift to your daughter.

The moment you look at the pink guitar below, you would assume it is for kids and you are right! It is for kids as well as guitar learners. Somehow we associate the pink color with kids, young girls, and innocence-right? I believe it applies to other gadgets as well; I once bought a pink mobile phone. I was 40 then!  My son liked his ceiling fan in pink when he was a kid.
Pink Guitar by Rogue Starter
Oh well, getting back to the pink guitar meant for learners and kids, this is from the shelves of Rogue acoustic guitar.

Keeping the kids in mind, this pink guitar has a small body frame. While the fretboard is made of Rosewood, the neck is made from Maple!

Available now at the lowest price, you can gift your daughter with a shining new pink guitar along with amp and strap case as essential accessories.

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