Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Is working with colors your profession?

This blog post is about a very useful website for dye makers, costume designers, web developers or for anyone whose profession involves working with color.

We all have fancies for unique and rare colors. Film stars rave about the color of their dresses that is seen first time in the color world. Looking at a particulr color paint or on a website background, we think of a slight change in its shade that would make it absolutely unique-right?

However, we have no way to generate that color in reality. Getting that dream color on canvas or on paper or virually in cyber space manually is nearly impossible.

Not any more!

Creating shades and tones for a particular color is now possible through a web site called Colllor located at

After creating your dream color shade, you can get its HEX code instantly.

Look at a lovely green color that I have generated using

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