Thursday, May 19, 2016

Any review of the sellers in FB Group Buy n Sell 24 hours?

I am really tempted by the offers posted in FB Group "Buy n Sell 24 hours". The offers on sarees are sometimes too good to pass.  I would say the rates are nearly 25% less expensive than the showroom prices.

The only worry is about the genuineness of the materials as well as the seller. Since, the sellers do not offer online shopping cart and accept money only through wire transfer, I am reluctant to buy from them.

In addition, there are no way to read any feedback//reviews of the sellers. Creating a simple a blog on free platform is so easy for the merchants to sell and post feedback from the buyers. I wonder why they do not do that!

Moreover, very few merchants post attractive images of the products they sell. Below is an example.

 90% of the sellers post drab images that one won't spare to click to see more.

What a waste of a wonderful media!

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