Thursday, May 12, 2016

The most effective sales converter in the digital marketing world.

This blog post is about the most effective method of converting casual enquiries into assured sales. Offering discount coupons or giveaways unconditionally is the sure fire way to first attract hordes of targeted visitors that then convert into loyal customers.

Here is an example of a webpage from, U.K.’s biggest site where you can grab free samples and discount offers for various consumer items. It is one of the biggest crowd attractors online.

Without any doubt, the internet’s most powerful word is ‘FREE’ and the next attractive word is ‘DISCOUNT’. I would in fact say they are equally attractive in offline media advertising.  Oh yes, I would add the word, ‘sales’ too.

I am sure you remember seeing this message, “Do you have a discount voucher “ while checking out accompanied by a box in the shopping cart to input your discount code offered by the seller of the goods you added to your shopping cart.

Just key in the voucher code and press ‘check out’ and you would be delighted to see a reduction in your final bill. Naturally, we all feel happy even if the saving amounted to just one dollar-right?

 What a hassle free way of saving hard earned money!

Do you know what type of goods attract more buyers in sites similar to voucher king! Cosmetics and beauty items rank number one. The numbers of free samples offered in makeup and personal care items out number free samples in any other category.

I  noticed that the products for children and babies would rank number 2 in the discount coupon offer.

Some of the leading merchants that use to offer their discount coupons are:
Hertz, Ann Summers and YHA

Oh, how I wish I were in U.K.!

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