Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Do you love mocktails?

The one that I can never so "NO" to is mocktails. Oh, I would not say "NO" to cakes and pastries too.
Well, getting back to my first love, I am a die hard fan of colorful non-alcoholic drinks that are called mocktails which are made of a combination fruit juices and flavors.

My favorite color in drinks is cherry red. Oh, a combination of yellow, red and green would be too enticing to have a go at.
Here, look at it below!

Image from
It is a lime based mocktail.

For mocktails that look appetizing, one should use the right glasses and imaginative garnishing. Those toy umbrellas and a cut a slice of any fruit over the rim are always attractive.

I used to curate content from Pinterest. I have created a board named, "Fruit Juices, mocktails and Ice Creams". Please visit it now and see the curated content which would urge to visit several of them.

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