Sunday, December 20, 2015

Great way to learn Algebra online.

Modern students are fully aware of the effectiveness and convenience of learning anything online. It saves them precious time and certainly lot of money.

Learning maths online is in big demand these days and I just stumbled onto an excellent online course on "Algebra-key concepts for high school students". The course costing just $10 is offered by Udemy, the world famous online educational portal.

Here is a brief of the course content:
·         Lectures                                    39
·         Video                                         3.5 Hours
·         Skill Level                                 All Levels
·         Languages                                 English

   This course is offered with a 30 day money back guarantee and includes lifetime access.
  The following topics are covered in this Algebra tutorial.
Word Problems, 
Basics of Solving Equations, 
Word Problems and Solving Equations, 
Tricky Word Problems, 
Rates & Units of Measurement, 
Rules for Exponents, 
Binomials & 
Factoring, Solving Binomial Expressions, 
Radicals, Triangles, Area, Perimeter & 
Volume, Line Equations and Slopes (Including finding parallel lines and perpendicular lines), 
Functions, Graphs and Linear Regression, 
Graphs of Absolute Functions, 
Manual Graphing, 
Crafty Word Problems,
Inequalities, Statistics & 
Percentages & Probability.

Click on the image below to join this Algebra online tuition, risk free.

Algebra Key Concepts for High School Students
Algebra I : Key Concepts for High School Students

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