Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Forget-me-not jewellery.

Forget-me-not  the most used words in the early 60s in novels, poems and literature is now almost not found anywhere. Has the world lost it's romantic appeal? Is communicating through social media the only motive of existence?

Forget-me-not flowers, jewels were only flooded the shops. I took upon myself to find a forget-me-not jewellery ; just for the sake of it with no real purpose.

I wanted to try etsy.com first and it did obliged me almost mmediately. Etsy.com is site where anyone can sell their hand made crafts. Here it is, the forget-me-not pendant.
Blue pendant with natural forget-me-not flowers. Sold at
Isn't it lovely?

It is priced at an affordable $32.38 only.

I took time to browse through etsy.com after a long time. The range of products has increased and the prices too seemed to be much more reasonable than a few years ago.

It is a great place for anyone to open their handicrafts store online. There is an international market for genuine handmade goods.

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