Thursday, December 11, 2014

The guitar that even a non-musician would love to buy.

One look at the epiphone 335 pro limited and even a non-musician would go flat. Imagine the reaction of a guitar player when he saw this piece on a website while he was shopping online for a guitar stand.

I am speaking about my son who loves to play guitar and already bought two. It was for the second guitar that he wanted a stand.

I was sitting beside him in front of the computer when he was searching for a guitar stand. When we stumbled onto the above image, there was an audible gasp, not from my son but from me. This sleek and stylish looking guitar belongs to the famous ES series since 1950! Surely a vintage piece!

My son prefers jumbo frets and the epiphone 335 pro limited is fitted with jumbo frets. That’s it. He immediately bought it, quickly looked at me, sensed something and told me he would sell his other two guitars!

Very considerate indeed!

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