Sunday, December 07, 2014

Finding music instruments for students.

I did not realize that finding the right instruments for students would take time. Though my son insisted that he can handle saxophone meant for adults, I knew he would not be comfortable especially with the one that he got as a gift. We thought we could exchange it for something that would be suitable for beginners.

In my opinion, saxophone is the most difficult music instrument. People like my son who naturally plays any musical instrument with ease may not find it that easy to play wind based instruments.

We somehow must find some use to the saxophone. I suggested to my son to consult other members of his amateur troupe. He heeded my advice and sought opinions. He was asked to find a mouthpiece meant for beginners and practice with it till he gain confidence.

I thought it is a wise suggestion. Tonight, we are going to shop online for that saxophone mouthpiece for students.

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