Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Potato Salads.

Ah, potato salads! That can beckon even children who cry ‘NO” to any vegetable salads that contain green vegetables that include cucumber, cabbage, carrot, lemon, capsicum etc. Not many of us like to eat raw vegetables-right?

Potato salad means it needs to be cooked which can be very tasty. Potato salads are more also known as side dishes than salads for they generally just precede or the follow the main course. Can we call them ‘starters’?

Last Saturday, we dined at a nearby vegetarian restaurant. We were served a large bowl of potato salad garnished creatively with baby corn, red capsicum and generous dose of mozzarella cheese.

I like them soft and crunchy. However, some like their potato salads mingled and just oozing with its dressing, some would prefer theirs to be really soft and tender, and others would want their potato salad to be crispy.

Potato salads are definitely a popular choice of all of us with no age barriers but of course with some exceptions that include diabetic. 

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