Sunday, August 31, 2014

What is that latest news at the guitar centre?

My son who is an amateur guitar player, used to tell me that when someone is buying an electric guitar, he should checkup the pickup first. It should be so good that the electric guitar should not fully depend on the amplifiers’ capabilities to deliver the desired sound.

Late yesterday night, he took me to guitar centre and showed the features of American Special HSS Stratocaster Electric guitar. He pointed out to me the ‘pickup’ area and also asked me to read a few of the feedback that the guitar received wherein the buyer of the Fender guitar expressed his extreme satisfaction over the pickup and the final sound.

My son also pointed to the jumbo frets that are welcome by big men with large hands.

I wish he is not planning to buy that guitar immediately but may be after a few months as I have other expenses coming by in the next few weeks.

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