Thursday, August 07, 2014

Do you know the power of your own expectations?

Expect what you want and see them rolling in in reality. In addition when you set your expectations, don’t  set too low because, when an expectation is set, automatically your mind is bent towards achieving them. It begins to line up assembling the required resources, knowledge and the  people. You only need to recognize them and act accordingly.

You must know how to use these resources that your mind has organized. It has done its job. The ball is in your court now. If still unsure, again wish a plan to be revealed.

It would come your way though not blatantly as cosmic forces don’t come in flesh. You might see a movie, read book, hear news that present the latent plan of action. Something would inspire you.

Your expectations have life in them. They are dynamic forces. Don’t kill them.

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