Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Liquid repellent fitted table clothes.

Like any child that liked to dine on roadside, I too jumped with joy when the mini bus in which we were travelling stopped by a small lakeside. Oh, I should tell you that I am reliving my first picnic 46 years ago.

We expected to be seated on the lawn but contrary to our expectation, tables and chairs were unfolded and fresh cotton clothes were thrown over the tables. Sadly, our joy was short lived because the wind was very strong and the table clothes and napkins were blown away and we all were ordered to collect them and rearrange on the table.

I wondered why table covers were not neatly tucked in. I suppose at that time, flowing table clothes were in vogue.

I recalled all of this three days before when I participated in a very formal dinner. The host was a good friend of mine and she beamed when I openly expressed my appreciation for table arrangements. She told me the table covers and napkins are of Egyptian cotton and fitted the tables snugly.

Can you imagine how such table clothes would look? You can shop for a range of fitted tablecloths from here .While browsing the site, do not forget to click on “Liquid repellent fitted table clothes”. You would be surprised how a fitted table cover can repel liquids!
Liquid repellent fitted table clothes

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