Wednesday, May 07, 2014

What girls look for in men!

At my age (btw, I am 55), I need not bothered to read an article in Yahoo! that went by the title,"What girls look for in men!".

Well, the vanity in women would not fade away till death-right? I am no exception. I clicked on the title mainly for two reasons.
1. Did I look at the man I married 28 years ago?
2. Has the present generation has changed and if so, what do they value in men?

The article in yahoo! was short sweet. Whoever wrote it must have been an old woman. Here is what I recollect from that article.
1. Men should be tall
2. Arms should be visibly big
3. Men should wear a very mild perfume
4. Should wear a ready smile
5.Hair should not be oiled
6. No bulge in tummy

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