Friday, November 22, 2013

New daughters-in-law should read this.

My daughter-in-law’s first declaration when she came into our family was she has ‘mageirocophobia’. I stared at her; in fact every one of us did the same. She understood immediately that we did not catch up with that new word mageirocophobia which she explained sheepishly as fear of cooking.
mageirocophobia-fear of cooking

We laughed out loud! Don’t all the new daughters-in-law have the fear of cooking? Mostly it is used to escape from the kitchen duties.

I sent her into our kitchen just to heat the milk in microwave. She was speechless when she entered the kitchen. It is an ultra modern one with just about every kitchen gadget you have heard of. She gladly announced she would shed her cooking phobia soon,

Ah, a little bit of more on ‘mageirocophobia”.

Sufferers of mageirokos can feel extremely intimidated by people with skills in cooking, and this intimidation and feeling of inadequacy is probably the root cause of the disorder for many. 

Now, it was my turn to give back something to her. Without any expression, I told her, “I hope you don’t have ‘pentheraphobia’, another common fear that grips new daughters-in-law.

pentheraphobia-fear of mother-in-law

It is about the fear of mother-in-law!

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