Thursday, November 28, 2013

Make your own custom coins for your organization!

We all know what a military coin is. However, what you see below are coins made by corporate bodies and other organizations! 

These stunning looking coins can made for various purposes that include a token of appreciation, corporate gifts or as a symbol of an organization.

These custom made attractive coins are collectors’ dream. You and I too can make our own coins. The above are just samples. When you browse leisurely (Yes, you would have to allocate special time as it is very difficult to take your eyes off the colorful custom coins), you will get more ideas for your:
·         Shape of coins
·         Pictures for your coins
·         Type of metal for your coins

The project was the outcome of an enterprising person’s dream and if you pour deep into the success story of Jeffery Morin, the founder of Coins for Anything, you would be inspired to start your own memorabilia business. I confess such a thought entered me.

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