Thursday, August 08, 2013

Unique Figurines – Wonderful hobby.

Rarely a hobby captivates all ages and both the genders. However, Mermaid Figurines is an exception. Most of you would instantly imagine a female with her lower body in the shape of a fish when you read or hear about Figurines. I recently met a young man who showed unique figurines.

These dolls are created with splendid colors and I am sucker for colors.

Of course I agree that Mermaid figurines are very popular among collectors and also, it is very profitable too because of less competition. Nevertheless, other figurines such as sea horses, Disney characters etc.

The young figurine collector informed that most of his friends and contacts who pursue the same hobby of collecting figurines exhibit similar sentiment while collecting as well selling their collections. This is news to me.

I know figurines demand good price but when I was told the actual amount, I was stunned. I even contemplated the idea of turning into figurine collection but I think I am too old to do that.

I have decided to be a candid admirer of figurines of unique shapes and refreshing ideas before buying this set of gorgeous Mario mini figurines.

Mrio Borther mini figurines

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