Monday, June 17, 2013

Thinking of migrating to Chennai?

Did you notice the cost of dining in air conditioned restaurants in Madras aka Chennai? Due to increase in luxury tax (I hope I am right), we have to pay through our nose while waiting in the air conditioned comfort for the food or even a coffee to arrive.

We pay more but the nothing changes in restaurants. They remain shabby all the same serviced by rarely courteous staff.

Nothing changes in Madras; the heat, the dust, the IRCTC web site, the quality of civic amenities, the behaviour of people sitting on the power and the list goes on.

Chennai's most unfriendly climate forces us to seek a/c cover at every opportunity. The Government noticed this mandatory living requirement and laid its hands to fill their coffers.

The railways have increased the ticket fare for a/c class, but one look at the coaches would even keep bugs away. They are infested with pests to the core.

Oh well, yeh mera Bharat mahan.

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