Saturday, January 05, 2013

Website on Tawang launched without URL?

My ardent wish to settle in mountains attract news related to mountain destinations. Hills  infested with thick forests are my all time longings.

In today's 'The Hindu' newspaper, there was a small piece of information that a website was launched on 'Tawang', a hill station in Arunachal Pradesh known for exotic mountain range surround by snow.

The news credited PTI as the source. Inexplicably, there was no mention of the reported web site URL. It is a very poor journalism on the part of 'The Hindu' that I have been reading since 1970!

Here is another story on the same topic that I found. Here too, there is no mention of the web site address on Tawang.

I searched the web and found out two links to Tawang of which I give below one which contains some useful information for mountain lovers.

I don't know whether this is the web site that the PTI news was talking about.

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