Saturday, September 08, 2012

Unique way to ship bikes on cars.

I would not call it as strange but unique when I saw a car carrying bikes on its rear comfortably on a metal rack. Usually, it would be an ugly sight when bicycles lying in a haphazard way in the boot of the car. Bike racks especially hitch bike racks from made shipping of bikes is easy. I would say the idea of building such bike racks is brilliant.

Naturally, when someone built the first rack to ship one bike, he would have immediately started working on building a rack that would carry two or more bikes at a time. It is an interesting story of the evolution hitch bike racks and Jason, Scott and Jose, who run the show with vision and dedication.

Moving bicycles and two wheelers on cars and trucks on convenient and safe racks is an exclusive niche and an in-demand service always. I wish someone in India would market them.

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