Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gibson’s new electric guitar is widely acclaimed.

Gibson SG guitar was my son’s choice as he considers it as one of the first-rate guitars. He thinks it is ideal for both beginners and experiences guitar players. 

My son has a habit of frequently changing his guitar based on users’ ratings and reviews.  Whenever he decides to sell his guitar on the market to buy a new one, I always wondered what is wrong with the old guitar which he bought after reading reviews in music related forums and Facebook pages.

He explained to me the features of his latest find, the Gibson SG special electric guitar. While I was able to appreciate to note that it is made of mahogany, none of the other things such as Tune-O-Matic bridge and magnet humbuckers made any sense to me, though I am pretty sure passionate guitar players would admire them.

When he played his favorite song on his new guitar, I could sense an enhanced resonance. I knew his choice of guitar was right.

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