Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Find jobs in London.

It is my humble suggestion for all of you. If you are about to move to new place due career change, retirement or for education, always do a little bit of research in the cyberspace to dig out a handful of websites that give you plenty of information about the place you are moving to.

Ok, let me make this post short and sweet. In one single website, you get to know about the available jobs, real estate, companionship, used goods for sale and many different service providers. The website is Gumtree.

Let us say that someone you know is moving to Edinburgh, Scotland along with his entire family. You can help him out by asking him to make a note of this web page where jobs in Edinburgh are listed.

Six months back, I emailed a friend of mine the right website where he can look for a teaching job in Edinburgh. When my friend emailed me back that I can also help him find out a teaching job in Aberdeen, I was able to reply immediately with the required information.

Gumtree offers this huge store house of information for several cities across the world that includes Australia, U.K. New Zealand, South Africa and the U.S.

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