Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How I got my page rank!

Frankly speaking I do not know even today.
Though my page rank is only 2, I got it pretty soon after launching my blog.

But how I wish I had known Ed Shull one year before. I am sure my PR would be 5 or 6 by this time had I implemented all those great tips on how to build back links given by Ed Shull, the CEO of USWeb.

He is of the opinion that the really technical ones only want to know about one thing- how to get more links to one’s site because they firmly believe that getting back links holds the key to get link popularity.

He cites a very humorous example below.

This is commonly known as Google Bombing. Try a search in Google for the term “miserable failure”. You’ll see the first page in the results is the presidential bio for George W. Bush. Obviously he has not put that term on his personal bio. The reason behind this ranking is actually quite simple and humorous. At some point a blogger decided to link to this page with that term as the anchor text of the link, and told others to do the same. So this ranking is a result of thousands of blogs pointing back to this page with that term as the anchor text.

Please read first the list of what not to do:

1. Do not buy links from any program that offers you thousands of links to your website for a fee.

2. Do not participate in a reciprocal link program where you email Spam people asking them to swap links with you.

3. Do not use link brokers who put your link in the footer or off to the side of sites. Google has a policy in place for webmasters to understand how to not get their site penalized by these links by using a nofollow tag.

Google then determines through various filters what subject (or search term) this web page is an authority. Understanding those filters is a big part and I feel you must go through the entire article written by Ed.

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