Wednesday, February 01, 2017

What is the latest happening in musicians’ friends’ site?

If you ask me what is the latest happening in I would say it is the announcement of huge list of 'hot deals'that one can shop. The hot deals tab opens up to more than 75 pages of music instruments and parts.

 I once asked a budding music director which are his favorite brands of violins and clarinets that he uses liberally in his composing. He told me that I should rephrase my question and ask him from where he buys various parts for his music instruments.

Looking at my raised eyebrows, he admitted that his frequent purchases are music instrument accessories than the music instruments themselves. I thought, music instruments such clarinets or guitars only need mouth pieces and strings respectively and nothing else.

My friend smiled wryly and listed out the various parts such as stands, stools, sticks and heads for different kinds of percussion instruments as one example. He left me to guess for violins and clarinets.

My musician friend told me that he is aware of the web site I mentioned above and it is his bookmarked site.

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