Monday, September 12, 2016

Blind Alternatives.

Brightly lit room can make one feel more secure but less private especially if the house is located in the ground floor.

Blinds do offer some protection against light and intrusion from onlookers but not both at the same time.

One common problem that people encounter when adding window treatments to their home is the desire to let the sunlight in while still maintaining a sense of privacy.
At times we need less light to minimize the glare on our television or computer; sometimes we need that extra light while reading a book but also want our shades to turn a blind eye to the passers by.

There is a fine alternative offered by guaranteed blinds with their beautiful looking shades that comes with the top down/bottom up option.

Very simply, shades equipped with this versatile feature can be both lifted from the bottom and lowered from the top.  When privacy isn't a concern, you can use them just the way you use any set of horizontal blinds.

When you want to enjoy the light from outdoors without giving passersby a clear view into your home, the cords can be made to allow the blinds to come down from the top.  You'll find that the top-down/bottom-up feature is especially useful in rooms on the ground floor of your home.

There is one more unique facility of the top-down/bottom-up blinds; they are equipped with the cordless operation option, so you can avoid the mess and hazard of cords while still creating a perfect balance between light and privacy.  Make the most of your home when you mix style and function for a real visual treat.

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