Thursday, April 28, 2016

Glasser Violin Bow is widely accepted by violinists.

Glasser violin bow
OMG, look at this glasser violin bow; isn’t it lovely? I am sure the violinist who is playing with this bow would be surrounded by several pairs of eyes of co-violinists.

Generally, violinists would stay traditional either with their violin and the bow. As long as they are comfortable with the weight of violin on their arm and shoulder, they do not go beyond that.

However, the glasser bow is said to give the violin players a better feel of the bow while they play. They can concentrate on the music notes in front of them and need not glance at the bow every now and then. Yes, I have seen violin players do that as if to check whether the bow is still on the violin or the violin is on the center of the shoulder.

The glasser violin bow is made of carbon fibers in a way that you do not detect a single fiber; it looks like a continuous pattern.

There are lots of positive feedbacks of glasser violin bow. It seems the transition from the wooden bow is almost complete.

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