Thursday, January 28, 2016

Find out what is special in G&L electric guitar.

I am sure you want to view the video first before reading further.
An in-depth video demo of the features of G&L Tribute ASAT guitar.

For my son, guitar should always be in red color. Whatever may be the brand he buys, he buys only red color guitar. His last procurement was to get a second hand g&l guitar in exchange of his 5 year old one (also in red color).

Though new g&l guitars with chrome humbuckers (another feature my son looks for in guitars) are available online, my son opted for a used one. I think he wanted to help his friend in distress from whom he bought the used g&l guitar.

I looked at his new acquisition and immediately thought of Fender, the founder of G&L guitars in 1979. His products still attract new generation guitar players.

Amazing really!
G&L electric guitar

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