Sunday, September 13, 2015

The perfect guitar speaker that resonate with American tone.

One more guitar added to his inventory by my son meant the beginning of a search for guitar speaker that he is yet to try.  Before he began his search online, he spoke to some of his friends in his amateur troupe and the name screamin eagle came up thrice.

That did it and he started searching first for reviews of Screamin' Eagle 12" 50W Guitar Speaker. I knew what he will do next. Irrespective of the reviews he read online, he would then start to look for used Screamin' Eagle 12" 50W Guitar Speakers just to try them out.

A few minutes ago, he asked me to watch a video review of the screamin eagle. I obliged and what I saw did not convince me. Nevertheless, my son did not bother about my opinion. Well, that was expected too.

He was convinced that he wanted to be among the few elite people that boasted of using screamin eagle and borrowed one from his troupe member. It won’t be long before he bought a new one.

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