Monday, December 10, 2012

The best headphones for Sound Capturers.

Look at this image of one of the top krk headphones and tell me honestly-won’t you buy it even if you are not in the profession of recording sound? This head phone is absolutely sturdy and made especially for wearing all day.

I thought it would be very ideal for my sister who of course is not in the profession of making sound but in the field of capturing sound in her ears and transcribing them. 

Yes, she is a medical transcriptionist and works more than 14 hours a day.

She used to tell me that the most difficult aspect in her profession is finding a headphone that won’t hurt your ear lobes and head. While there are many headphones that come with soft cushion on the ear pieces, they start hurting the head after an hour or so.

The KRK headphones are fitted with an additional pair of cushions (see picture again) on the top that would help one to wear it for long hours without feeling the pressure of the plastic headband.

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