Thursday, December 06, 2012

Not a wicket to fall even after 42 overs.

42 over have been bowled. I think I look at the score at least 10 times since the start of the England innings. Not a wicket has been taken by the much hyped Indian spinners.

I have no hope. There is simply no joy in watching India playing test cricket. It is simply not in their blood stream anymore which is replaced by IPL T20.

I feel Sachin is feeling lonely there without Dravid and Lakshman. He us just pulling along. After several years, the Indian tail is long. Fice wickets down and the tail starts.

Even though I should give full credit to the English batsmen for keeping my hopes dashed, being a typical Indian, I don't enjoy being thrashed.

I foresee not a bright future for the present Indian test team though I fervently wish sunny days for them.

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