Monday, August 13, 2007

Tracking visitors to improve sales.

I agree it involves money but tracking website visitors is a must or any serious net entrepreneur.

Professional web masters who operate an e-commerce based web site analyze the following.
*Total visitors on any given day and how many of them are unique visitors.
*Analyze the visitors origin-I mean where they came from.

By analyzing their web site's traffic, they will find out which page of their web site attracted the maximum hits. But you get visitors but no sales are forthcoming, then you must analyze the reason for poor conversion.

There are several solutions to analyze the web traffic. Web Trends is one such provider of web analytical tools.

"WebTrends Marketing Lab offers comprehensive, flexible and scalable web analytics, automatic optimization of online advertising, real-time visitor segmentation based on cross-channel insight and customer targeting solutions for relationship marketing."

The main question is-"can we afford it?" ans "Is it worth". We can get the answers only by trying.

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