Friday, August 03, 2007

My life, my words by Madhat.

It is surprising sometimes to know people with varied interest.

I too consider myself with diverse interest; after all I am a Gemini you know!(smile)
I happen to see an ad by Google by in which they have advertised that one can keep themselves update about Indian politics.

Though I have very strong views on the subject (who has not got), I never talk or write about politics in general.

Well, in, I was attracted by a name Madhat as one of the contributors for I clicked on his name and landed in his blog. Yes, he definitely has varied interests.

Madhat tries not to live by the rules out lives in Bangalore, a city that he plans not to leave. Has wide-ranging interests, including feminism, world cinema, literature, music, computers, politics and culture.

I enjoyed reading his views on American toilets and Californian summer.

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