Thursday, December 29, 2016

My short trip to Singapore.

Just a few hours before only, I landed in Madras from Singapore. Spent the most enjoyable 4 days in my life in Singapore.

OMG! What a clean country it is! Just superb. In addition, the country is also beautifully landscaped. The buildings are tall and surrounded by abundant green.

The traffic is 100% pedestrian friendly. During my 4 and a half days stay in Singapore, I did not spot any kind of policeman. There were no traffic jams. I traveled to Jurang bird sanctuary, 22 kms away from my hotel without having to stop at a signal. In fact, there were none.

Frog is widely eaten there and so to the crabs.

Chinese smoke a lot.

The quality of merchandise in Singapore is very good.

Singapore Government has accomplished so much to develop tourism that I heard even the big U.S. has not achieved that much.

Singapore-a must visit place.

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