Thursday, March 26, 2015

Microsoft Word repair tool.

How often you had faced with some problem or other while using Microsoft Word? I encountered MS word bugs several times in the past and was able to solve them by asking around. Invariably most of my friends would have sailed in the same boat but somehow managed to solve their software issues. Their experience came in handy,

Some of the problems you may face with Microsoft Word processor:
·       *  Appearance of special characters
·      *   Autocorrect doesn’t work
·     *    Cursor not keeping with pace of your typing

If you have no one to seek out, look at these following MS word repair tools. Understand on how to use  them and store it on your system.

Recovery Tool Box for WORD

Download link can be found on the site.

Stellar Phoenix word repair tool

Repair my Word  (very simple to use)

Yodot DOC Repair for Windows

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