Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dish TV website and customer service continue to disappoint.

Are you a Dish TV subscriber? Don't you think their website is a stupid website? Its navigation is the most unfriendly in the world.
I keep updating my mobile number and it says updated successfully. To my horror, when I again check my account, the telephone number again shows wrong.

I want to change my HD package. But NO, it is not possible.
I call their customer care number. The moment I enter my VC number, it says it is INVALID!

However, their web site shows my name immediately when I enter my VC number. What a bundle on contradiction!

The status of their web site, their ill-informed customer care people remains the same even after 5 years! Last week, I wanted to gather some information and called their customer care. When I ended the call without getting anything from them, 30 minutes had gone by.

What a waste of time!

That is why I keep saying the call center service in India is a total failure and in deplorable condition.

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